Welcome to Cozad Community Health System

We understand your health is your number-one priority.
Trust us it's ours, too.

Whether you need a simple diagnostic test or comprehensive emergency care, the experienced healthcare professionals at Cozad Community Health System are passionate about helping you get and stay well.
Since 1903, we've held a steadfast commitment to providing the region's highest-quality healthcare. Today, our team can answer your family's healthcare and wellness needs through a range of hospital, clinical and physical therapy services. We perform tests. We take X-rays. Give shots. Deliver babies. Talk about your diet and exercise. Consult on surgical procedures. Make boo-boo's better. And we do so much more, all backed by expertise, compassion, and a commitment to treat you like family.

Explore our Web site to learn more about the hospital services, clinical services and therapy services we offer; the high quality of our staff; and other key information about the Cozad Community Health System, including Meadowlark Pointe, our independent and assisted-living facility.  You can also make appointments by calling the facility of your choice.

We're your regional Cozad Community Health System. Allow us to be your best partner for your health and wellness needs.