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Dedicated and Caring Home Health Services




Central Plains Home Health and Hospice has been providing home care to south central Nebraska since 1971. Our patients? health and well being are our primary goals. We know that being at home is sometimes the ?best medicine?. We are a Medicaid and Medicare certified Home Health and Hospice agency.



Home Health is care provided by skilled professionals on a part time and intermittent basis in the patient's home. Home health care is always provided under a physician's direction.

Home health is a way for patients to continue to receive skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy following hospitalization or a change in health status. Elderly persons, who have a gradual decline in health and ability to function independently, may also benefit from skilled care at home in order to increase independence and ability to remain in their own home.


Skilled nursing services are provided by an RN or an LPN under the direction of a RN in the patient's home.


Physical Therapy services that may be provided in your home may include:  

  •  Giving exercises to increase and maintain muscle strength and endurance 
  •  Gait training. Learning to use a walker, cane or crutches 
  •  Teaching proper body mechanics
  •  Teaching exercises to regain strength and mobility following orthopedic surgery



Speech therapy services are provided by a licensed speech and language pathologist. Persons with closed head injuries and strokes may benefit from speech therapy services.


Occupational therapy services that may be provided in your home may include:  

  • Teaching to increase independence with activities of daily living 
  • Instruction in use of adaptive equipment 
  • Assessment of home safety 
  • Education on fall risk factors and prevention



Home Health Aide care is provided by an LPN and/or a Nurse's Aide and may be provided in your home.  

Services may include:  

• Assistance with personal care, such as bathing, dressing, trimming toenails   
• Therapeutic treatments, such as colostomy care and care of a catheter


“We also provide many types of programs for the communities.”  Director Susie Deaver said. “Examples would include the foot clinics, Lifeline, Grief Support Group and Care Mates.


 Research shows that in the last 40 years, the Central Plains Home Health Care and Hospice has been named the front runner in Central Nebraska health care.



Anyone, who is homebound, has a medical need for skilled care (nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy) and a changing condition, qualifies for home health care. Often a person's primary medical reimbursement source, such as Medicare or insurance company will set down specific guidelines regarding the patient's qualifications for home health care.



Home health services may be reimbursed through:  

  • Medicare 
  • Medicaid 
  • Private insurance 
  • Workman's compensation 
  • Veterans Affairs


Five counties are served by the Central Plains Homes Health including Dawson , Frontier, Gosper, Custer and Lincoln .

Central Plains Home Health & Hospice is a nonprofit agency.  


Cozad Community Central Plains Home Health  (video)



Meet Our Staff

  Wendy Thome, Director
 Tara Hudson, RN, Clinical Care Coordinator
 Joanne Jurjens, Office Manager
 Ann Bergman, LPN
 Billie Schwarz, LPN
 Dranoel Fleharty, Certified Social Worker
 Jennifer Schneider, Lifeline Coordinator, CNA
 Jill Hergenrader, RN
  Nicky Bean, RN
 Lori Scroggin, LPN
 Sandy Pride, LPN
 Thea Cole, Bereavement Coordinator
  Jen Chancellor, RN